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Naval Safety Command Lines of Effort


LOE 22-01 –
Naval Safety Command Transformation – Update and implement new governance. Effectively communicate changes to the Enterprise.  

LOE 22-02 – Design 3-Tier Assessment Process Design a process to assess overall effectiveness of risk and safety management practices across the Naval Enterprise and compliance with established standards. 

LOE 22-03 – Enhance Data Management and Analytics Fully support the enterprise through both subject matter expert analyses and advanced analytics. Includes RMI data services, business intelligence, and data quality control efforts. 

LOE 22-04 – Create Staff Learning Continuum – Create and disseminate relevant training and resources to our stakeholders.  Improve our internal workforce safety skill sets to include the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) accreditation to establish the command as a center of risk management and safety excellence. 

LOE 22-05 – Update Infrastructure and Support Ensure our building is ready to support the transformation.  

LOE 22-06 – USMC Integration
Strengthen our commitment to the Naval Enterprise by fully integrating the Navy and Marine Corps teams to support warfighter readiness.