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Course Information

Naval Safety and Environmental Training Center

Below is a list of topics with information on our courses. Click on the topic to view the information.

Eligibility and Cost

Department of the Navy (DON) and United States Marine Corps (USMC) personnel who meet course prerequisites are eligible to attend courses listed herein. Interested personnel from other Department of Defense (DoD) activities or federal agencies who meet prerequisites will be "considered" 30 days prior to the class convening date, on a space-available basis. These will not be processed until 30 days prior to class convening date. There are no tuition charges for government employees to include foreign nationals employed by the DON or USMC. Attendance by international military students and non-government personnel may require reimbursement and will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Requesting a Quota

Quotas for Naval Safety and Environmental Training Center (NAVSAFENVTRACEN) courses must be requested using the Enterprise Navy Training Reservation System (eNTRS) web application at the following website: https://app.prod.cetars.training.navy.mil/eNTRS/mainMenu.do .

All quota requests for NAVSAFENVTRACEN courses are granted by the TSC of Hampton Roads, on a first come, first served and fair share quota basis. Navy and Marine Corps personnel who meet course prerequisites may register for a course at any time.  If unable to access the eNTRS website https://app.prod.cetars.training.navy.mil/eNTRS/mainMenu.do, contact the eNTRS Help Desk directly at netc.helpdesk@navy.mil.  If necessary, contact the appropriate TSC to request a quota.  TSC Hampton Roads can be reached at tschrquotas@navy.mil. Student names, DOD ID numbers, rate, UIC, and email address must be provided.

Quotas will become available as early as one quarter ahead of the current quarter. Quotas must be requested at least one week prior to course start date, quotas requested within a week of the start date will be disapproved.

Read prerequisites carefully and ensure that your written request clearly states the specific prerequisite(s) the prospective student(s) meets which establishes their eligibility to attend the requested course. Waivers to all prerequisites must be submitted in accordance with the following procedures.
The prerequisites and waiver provisions for Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) personnel have been established in support of OPNAVINST 5100.23 (series), Navy Occupational Safety and Health Program Manual; OPNAVINST 5090.1 (series), Environmental and Natural Resources Program Manual; and OPNAVINST 5100.19 (series), Navy Occupational Safety and Health Program Manual for Forces Afloat. If a waiver to a prerequisite is required, the activity must submit an official letter with written justification signed by the Commanding Officer with the quota request. The statement "meets all prerequisites" will not be accepted.  All personnel must have 12 months from course date remaining in job assignment.

Quota Confirmation

Quotas will be confirmed or disapproved by email as soon as the quota request is processed at the Quota Control Office.
"Confirmed Quota" information will indicate a granted quota. Multiple names from one command may appear on one confirmation.
"Disapproved Quota" information will indicate the reason the quota was not granted. Multiple names from one command may appear on one disapproval notice.
A valid UIC, email address, FAX number and POC phone number must be on the quota request to receive a reply.

Class Information

The exact classroom location, reporting time, and online live sessions (for online courses only) will be posted on our homepage:  https://navalsafetycommand.navy.mil/Learning/NAVSAFENVTRACEN/Course-Schedule/ approximately 30 days prior to the convening date.
Online Courses will take place at https://www.navsafenvtracenlearn.com/ Students will not receive access until approximately one week prior. Login information will be sent to the email address provided in the quota request, NLT 72 hours prior to the course start date.

Adobe Connect

NAVSAFENVTRACEN Global Online courses require access to an instructor lead live session. Prior to the class start date ensure you are able to connect to the Adobe Connect meeting room used for the live sessions.
Follow the steps listed below to ensure you are able to connect:
Step 1:Visit the Adobe Help and run the diagnostic test. 
Step 2:Visit the Training Center Test Meeting. If successful, you will see  a slide stating you are connected to the meeting. The image to the right is a screenshot of what you should see if you are able to connect. Test meeting link is provided below.
Step 3: If all tests pass successfully, you are set up for the live sessions. If you received an error message: You will need to login as a guest.

Live Session Start Times

Resident: NAVSAFENVTRACEN resident courses start at 0800 local time. For example, courses located in Norfolk will start at 0800 ET.

Online courses: The NAVSAFENVTRACEN website provides live session start times on the course schedule https://navalsafetycenter.navy.mil/Learning/NAVSAFENVTRACEN/Course-Schedule/. Please enroll in the course that best fits your time zone. If you would like to see if the time zone listed  fits your workhours, you can convert the time zone using this time zone converter https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

Course Hours

All classes begin at 0800 and end at 1600, unless otherwise noted in the "Class Schedule" or "Course Purpose, Scope and Prerequisites" sections of our website. Students are required to arrive on time. Students expecting to arrive after 0745 shall notify Naval Safety and Environmental Training Center or the local course POC of their plans so that their seats may be held open for them. Unless prior arrangements have been made, any person arriving after 0815 cannot be guaranteed a seat in that convening, even with a confirmed quota. If there are walk-ins, these persons will be offered the unfilled seats at 0815. Students cannot miss more than 20 percent of any class.


We highly encourage substitutions when personnel originally signed up for a class are unable to attend. Please keep in mind, substitutes must meet the prerequisites of the course so that others may attend and to avoid being listed as responsible for an unfilled quota. Commands having a confirmed quota must cancel their quota as soon as possible and in no case less than five working days prior to the class convening date. Any quota reservation cancelled within five business days will be marked as a no show if a replacement is not provided.  Cancellations and change Reservations must be submitted via eNTRS or through TSC.
eNTRS- https://app.prod.cetars.training.navy.mil/eNTRS/" target="_blank">https://app.prod.cetars.training.navy.mil/eNTRS/
TSC of Hampton Roads can be reached at tschrquotas@navy.mil

"Fair Share" of Quotas

To ensure the maximum number of commands have access to our classes, there is a "fair share" limit of 20 percent of class size per convening, per command (ship/activity). This may be adjusted based on demand for the class. Exceptions will be made when there are still seats available within thirty days of a convening on a case by case basis.

Uniform Policy

Military personnel attending NAVSAFENVTRACEN sponsored courses, on base, must be in an authorized uniform that is clean, serviceable and inspection ready. Coveralls are not authorized. Military personnel attending courses on base are not authorized to wear civilian attire. Some classes may have special uniform requirements; please see the "Course Purpose, Scope and Prerequisites" section for individual course requirements. For training held off base, please refer to the trainee's parent command uniform policy. Civilian personnel will dress appropriately. The instructor reserves the right to refuse training to any individual whose attire is deemed inappropriate.

Students with Special Needs

Most facilities used by the Naval Safety and Environmental Training Center are equipped with parking spaces, ramps and accommodations for students with special needs. Students with special needs must contact their cognizant Human Resource Office to accommodate their needs. Students must notify the Naval Safety and Environmental Training Center not later than 30 days prior to the class convening so that we, working with your Human Resources Office, may make every effort to address your needs.

Naval Safety and Environmental Training Center Course Scheduling Procedures

Our class schedule is developed using input from major claimant’s training needs assessment data provided to Naval Safety and Environmental Training Center projecting the number of anticipated students needing training by course and location. We analyze throughput data from the previous years, showing actual student attendance by course and location. The training schedule may be modified for several reasons including: low enrollment, operational requirements, requests to change dates resulting from local situations that prevent proper utilization, and requests for special and/or an additional convening. Thus, the class schedule is subject to change. The most current schedule will be maintained on our web site https://navalsafetycommand.navy.mil/Learning/NAVSAFENVTRACEN/Course-Schedule/

Low Enrollments

Approximately 30 - 60 days prior to a convening date, class registration data is reviewed. If enrollments are low, course supervisors communicate with POC's in the area of the convening. A final decision on whether to convene a class is generally made 30 days prior to a CONUS convening and 60 days prior to an OCONUS convening to allow sufficient time to alert participants of relevant details or cancellation. Minimum attendance levels are established for each convening that reflect student base population, cancellation impact on scheduled students, port loading, etc., as well as, the cost of instruction (contractor costs, instructor loads, travel expenses, etc). Because failure to attract sufficient students in a location is considered during the out-year scheduling process, every effort is made to insure local personnel are alerted to training opportunities.
Naval Safety Environmental Training Center, 9080 Breezy Point Crescent, Norfolk, VA 23511-3998 | 757-445-8778 / (DSN 565) 
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