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SAS Contact Information


For urgent matters concerning aviation safety course attendance, contact the SAS SDO at COMM: 850-276-7385. For AVCOT support contact the SAS SDO or email PNSC_NASC_AVCOT@navy.mil. Updates will be posted on the school's Facebook page http://facebook.com/NAVYSAFETYSCHOOL/

Reporting for classes
The School of Aviation Safety spaces are located on the 1st Deck, North Wing, Bldg. 633 at 181 Chambers Avenue aboard NAS Pensacola.

Both ASO and ASC

  • Report to Room 158 at 0800 on the scheduled course starting date
  • Bring original orders


  • Report to Room 162 at 0800 on the scheduled course starting date

Berthing and Messing

Government Quarters for officers on orders to all ASO and ASC courses are arranged by YOU, the student. To obtain BOQ reservations, please contact Navy Gateway Inns and Suites Pensacola at 850-452-2775 or www.ngis.dodlodging.net


Uniform Requirements
 Flight Suits are permitted for both ASO and ASC courses. USMC ASOs should also be prepared to wear appropriate service uniform on Fridays IAC CMC guidance.




Email your requests/questions:

Aerodynamics Aeromedical CRM Director
Fixed-Wing Aerodynamics Human Factors Investigations Programs
Reporting Rotary Aerodynamics Structures Training Technician


Commander, Naval Safety Center, 375 A Street, Norfolk, VA 23511 | (757) 444-3520 / (DSN 564) | 
School of Aviation Safety, 181 Chambers Ave Suite A, Pensacola, FL 32508-5271 | 850-452-3181 (DSN 459) | 

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