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Our Mission

To preserve warfighting capability, combat lethality and readiness by working with our stakeholders to identify, mitigate or eliminate hazards in order to reduce unnecessary risk to people and resources. See our Naval Safety Command Video.

Our Vision

We provide transparent, professional and comprehensive assurance services to the Naval Enterprise. We use all available technologies and methods to compile information, identify risk and propose mitigation strategies. We are agile in our processes, capable of flexing to our stakeholder’s demands in order to provide world-class customer service. We actively align to the safety management system pillars and principles to accomplish our mission.


Our Guiding Principles


• We develop the policies and regulations for the Naval Enterprise providing the fundamental foundations of the safety management system.

• We are experts in our fields, fluent in all higher guidance in pursuit of providing the best service to our stakeholders.




• We capitalize on our staff’s diversity of experience to develop experts in all areas of risk management and control across the Naval Enterprise.

• We actively collect data from all available sources to create data-driven recommendations for risk reduction throughout the Naval Enterprise.

• We work with stakeholders to develop effective risk mitigation strategies.




• We identify risk to stakeholders through direct and indirect observation.

• We monitor stakeholder risk adjudication processes until risks are eliminated, mitigated or formally accepted at the appropriate level.





• We are responsible for providing world-class safety-related training to the Naval Enterprise.

• We communicate with all levels of the Naval Enterprise for the greatest effect.