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Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles


Provide quality education and training for military and civilian Navy and Marine Corps personnel, both afloat and ashore, in the areas of safety and occupational health (SOH), industrial hygiene (IH), environmental protection and emergency management (EEM) leading to:

  • Enhanced operational readiness
  • Stewardship through compliance with applicable regulations
  • A safer and healthier workplace
  • Reduced worker's compensation costs


Be the provider of choice for SOH, IH, and EEM training. Proactively enhance and ensure quality, customer centric training by combining transformational leadership, cost effective principles, and delivery through current and emerging technologies.


Guiding Principles:

  • Uphold the Navy core values of honor, courage and commitment
  • Encourage innovation and personal initiative
  • Plan ahead and aid the mission
  • Evoke leadership with trust and respect which empowers staff members to flourish and share ideas
  • Uphold personal accountability with due respect for each other
  • Be part of the solution - not the problem- by using systematic processes and collaborating with others to effect change that grows relationships and supports our mission
  • Be good stewards of all available resources
  • Embrace emerging tools, technology, and guidance that advance training
  • Cultivate an organizational culture of mutual respect and trust where open and honest communication are the norm and teamwork flourishes


Naval Safety Environmental Training Center, 9080 Breezy Point Crescent, Norfolk, VA 23511-3998 |(757)445-8778 / (DSN 565) 
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