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Command History

1967 - The NAVSEA Safety School was founded in Bloomington, IN to teach weapons and explosives safety training for the Naval Weapons Support Center in Crane, IN. 

1970 - The School's mission was expanded to include all aspects of shore occupational safety and health training. 

1987 - The School was renamed the Naval Safety School and realigned under the Chief of Naval Technical Training (CNTECHTRA) as a detachment of Service Schools Command, Great Lakes, IL.

1991 - The School was relocated from Bloomington, IN to Norfolk, VA as a separate command.  

1993 - Building renovations of the new classroom facility were completed and the first classes were offered in Norfolk, VA. 

1994 - The School's mission was expanded to include afloat occupational safety and health, hazardous material control and management, and afloat environmental protection training.  

1994 - The School was renamed the Naval Occupational Safety and Health, and Environmental Training Center (NAVOSHENVTRACEN) and realigned as an Echelon III command, reporting directly to the Chief of Naval Education and Training (CNET). 

1995 - The Training Center opened a new classroom facility at Naval Air Station, North Island, San Diego, CA, providing the center training sites on both the east and west coast.  

2000 - The San Diego training site relocated to a larger building at Naval Station San Diego.  Simultaneously, the Norfolk training site expanded into an additional building to support four additional classrooms.  

2003 - The Training Center was realigned as an Echelon III Command reporting directly to the Commander, Naval Safety Center.  

2003 - The first Video Teletraining (VTT) classroom was installed at the Norfolk training site followed by a VTT classroom at the San Diego training site.  This technology enabled the Training Center to deliver multi-site training courses, increased training opportunities, and reduced student and instructor travel. 

2006 - The expanded use of VTT enabled the Training Center to eliminate five classrooms and reduce its footprint in San Diego and Norfolk to two VTT classrooms on each coast. 

2007 - The Training Center's name was changed to the Naval Safety and Environmental Training Center (NAVSAFENVTRACEN). 

2010 - The first blended online training class, using Sakai® and Defense Connect Online, was conducted from the Norfolk, VA training site to students at multiple shore locations. This new distance learning technology not only increased training opportunities, reduced student and instructor travel, but also offered students flexibility in completing the training and avoided class cancelations due to adverse weather conditions. 

2011 - The San Diego training site relocated to Norfolk, VA. 

2023 -
 The Naval Safety and Environmental Training Center is accredited by the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education (COE). The training center received COE accreditation in September 2023.

Today - NAVSAFENVTRACEN holds approximately 550 course convenings worldwide, training 10,000 students per year. 


Naval Safety Environmental Training Center, 9080 Breezy Point Crescent, Norfolk, VA 23511-3998 |(757)445-8778 / (DSN 565) 
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