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NEWS | April 26, 2021

'You're the Key' - Naval Safety Center Launches Motor Vehicle Safety Campaign

By Sarah Langdon

The Naval Safety Center (NAVSAFECEN) launched a Motor Vehicle Safety Campaign April 26 to increase awareness on the top contributing factors to motor vehicle accidents and inform Sailors and Marines on ways they can reduce the likelihood and severity of motor vehicle mishaps through appropriate risk management strategies and best practices.
The campaign goes beyond private motor vehicles (PMV) such as automobiles and trucks (PMV4) and motorcycles (PMV2) and includes recreational motorized vehicle safety practices for recreational three- and four-wheelers or all-terrain vehicles (ATV), electric or e-scooters and boating, all of which have higher rates of use as the weather warms up and people start spending more time outside.

From March through September last year, the Navy and Marine Corps reported 12 automobile accident fatalities including one where an individual was killed by another car after exiting their vehicle. Another eight service members died from motorcycle-related mishaps. Two other service members died in off-duty ATV accidents. With their ease of access and pay by app rental function, e-scooters rose in popularity over the past couple years and with them came reports of e-scooter crashes and injuries. The Navy and Marine Corps had several reports last year of incidents involving e-scooters resulting in fractures, bruises, lacerations and limited duty in some cases.
At the close of the first quarter of FY21, the Navy and Marine Corps reported 11 PMV fatalities and the Department of Defense reported 52 total military off-duty PMV fatalities as of April 9, 2021.  

The theme for the campaign is ‘You’re the Key’ to remind us that safety on the roads is everyone’s responsibility.
“Each of us plays a critical role in preserving combat readiness and creating a culture of safety awareness and practice,” said Rear Adm. F.R. Luchtman, commander, NAVSAFECEN. “The moment you grab your keys and set out on the road or out on the lake you are making a commitment to safety not only to yourself but to those who are around you. Be responsible and look out for your colleagues, friends and family. A loss of one is one loss too many. Remember, you are the key!”
Throughout the campaign NAVSAFECEN will disseminate media and informational products through various platforms to inform Sailors and Marines on specific topics related to motor vehicle safety such as distracted driving, mentorship and accountability for motorcycle riders, ATV and boating safety and the importance of proper vehicle maintenance.

For additional resources on safety awareness, visit the NAVSAFECEN website,