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The Safety Awareness (formerly Lessons Learned) team creates concise, readable (and sometimes funny) safety lessons to help Sailors, Marines and civilian employees (and their families) avoid repeating a mishap. Our goal is to make people think! We do our best to tell a story that people will remember – that they’ll recall when going through their normal day – that empowers them to identify hazards, accept “ownership” and responsibility for those hazards (in their community, command, and home), and take action.

Your feedback is valuable! Send us your thoughts or ask to be added to our email distribution list at NAVSAFECEN_CODE522_LESSONS_LEARNED@navy.mil.


Below are the publicly releasable Safety Awareness dispatches (formerly Lessons Learned). For access to the full library of SA dispatches and sanitized reports, visit our CAC-enabled website at https://intelshare.intelink.gov/sites/nsc.



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