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Naval Safety Command Lines of Effort

LOE 23-01. Improve NAVSAFECOM’s Fleet-Facing Focus and Customer Service Roles – Ensure collaboration and streamline processes within and across codes to reduce the overall manpower requirements on the command.

LOE 23-02.Simplify, Streamline and Align Echelon 1 Safety Policy for Consolidation and Clarity – Evaluate all NAVSAFECOM-owned Echelon 1 policies for overlaps and consolidation. Conduct coordination with the Enterprise on the intended way forward via the SQC and FOSC. Develop timelines and actions for policy coordination and implementation.

LOE 23-03.Predictive Risk Analysis Projects (PRAPs) – Unmanned Safety; Air Wing Size Changes; RIB and Coxswain Training Risks; Idle Sub Risks; YRBM/APL Risks; NECC Deep Water Salvage; LHA and F35B Size Risks.