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The Afloat Directorate supports all facets of the Naval Safety Management System (SMS) by working with afloat stakeholders to identify, mitigate or eliminate risks. Establish surface and subsurface safety policy, doctrine and guidance. Implement, coordinate, maintain, and promotes afloat safety programs, policies, and procedures. Address fleet operational safety concerns, support Class A mishap investigations, and conduct formal, independent assurance functions to evaluate certification processes, risk control systems and continuous self-improvement of Navy Echelon III, IV, and V surface and subsurface commands worldwide. Promulgate afloat trends, techniques, and lessons learned to operating forces and those with systems safety engineering responsibilities.

Note:  For further Afloat Safety Program information, visit NAVSAFECOM's Common Access Card (CAC) site. A CAC and a one-time account registration are required for access.

To access the CAC site, go to https://intelshare.intelink.gov/sites/nsc.
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