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Requesting a NAVSAFENVTRACEN Quota

Quotas for Naval Safety and Environmental Training Center (NAVSAFENVTRACEN) courses are reserved by contacting Training Support Command Hampton Roads (TSC HR). A quota can be reserved online via eNTRS or by contacting TSC HR. Use the information below to request a NAVSAFENVTRACEN quota.
Information Needed:

  • Course CDP
  • Student DOD ID
  • Student email address

Training Support Center-Hampton Roads Email
Information Needed:
  • Course CDP
  • Course Date
  • Student DOD ID
  • Student UIC
  • Student Rank
  • Student Email Address

If you are unable to access the eNTRS website, use the request access tab at the bottom of the page, https://main.prod.cetars.training.navy.mil/cetars/main.html or contact the eNTRS Help Desk directly at Spawar.itchelpdesk@navy.mil or at 800-537-4617

Naval Safety Environmental Training Center, 9080 Breezy Point Crescent, Norfolk, VA 23511-3998 | 757-445-8778 / (DSN 565) 
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