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Requesting a NAVSAFENVTRACEN Quota

Quotas for Naval Safety and Environmental Training Center (NAVSAFENVTRACEN) courses are reserved by contacting Naval Education Training Command (NETC) East Quota Control. A quota can be reserved online via eNTRS or by contacting NETC EAST. Use the information below to request a NAVSAFENVTRACEN quota.

Information Required:

  • Course CDP
  • Student DOD ID
  • Student email address

NETC East Quota Control Email

Information Required:
  • Course CDP
  • Course Date
  • Student DOD ID
  • Student UIC
  • Student Rank
  • Student Email Address

Foreign National Civilians
Foreign national civilians who don’t have eNTRS access and want to request a quota for one of our courses must email NETC East Quota Control netceast.quotas@navy.mil and provide the following information:
Course name, CDP of course, Course dates, Student’s name, DOD ID number or a ten digit number or nine digit Foreign Identification number (FIN) that was assigned to them when hired.

If you are unable to access the eNTRS website, use the request access tab at the bottom of the page, https://main.prod.cetars.training.navy.mil/cetars/main.html or contact the eNTRS Help Desk directly at Spawar.itchelpdesk@navy.mil or at 800-537-4617.


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