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Executive Director Bi-Weekly Update

Ladies and Gentlemen, 
Good morning! As we welcome the first week of fall the training center is preparing for the possible government shutdown, FY25 needs assessment, and FY24 QTR 2 quota release. I’ve outline details for each item below: 
Furlough: The Training Center has a plan to continue training for our Military and Foreign National members if the government does in fact shutdown. Starting Friday, 29 Sept 2023 we will notify students if courses are canceled. If a course is canceled, enroll in a future convening. If the shutdown ends over the weekend, do not travel to the course location. The course is still considered canceled.
  • What about courses starting 2 Oct 23? If a budget or continuing resolution is not in place by 29 Sept 2023 we will make the call to cancel courses taught by our civilian staff. Students with a confirmed quota will receive guidance via email by 1400 EST 29 Sept 2023 if their course is canceled. Emails will be sent to the email address provided when their quota was reserved. If you receive a cancelation email, please do not travel to the course location.
  • What courses will continue? See the first attached file titled Oct 2023 Furlough Plan.
  • What if the furlough continues more than a week? If the shutdown continues more than a week course cancelation emails will be sent 72 hours prior to the course start date. Again, this email will be sent to the email included in the student quota. Check eNTRS and update the email if you are unsure what email address was used. Directions are attached on how to update your email address.
Needs Assessment: The training center is preparing to release the FY25 Needs Assessment tasker. The tasker will request Echelon 2 commands to provide NAVSAFENVTRACEN with FY25 quota needs. I ask that Ech 2 commands take a hard look at quota numbers needed. We need you to coordinate with your subordinate commands to ensure numbers submitted actually reflect the need. It is hard to respond to a request for additional quotas mid-year if a very small need was submitted. We will continue the bi-weekly updates to report how we are meeting the needs submitted. With the release last week of the new OPNAV M-5100.23 we will include the new courses, currently in development, in the needs assessment for planning purposes.  We are not sure if we will be able to offer the courses in FY25.  However, we would like to know where the needs are in the event that we do finalize the new courses.  In the meantime, we will continue to offer the courses that will be replaced by the new courses.  We will provide the following information to support the tasker:
  • Needs Assessment Template: The template has three tabs: Tab 1- Command Info; Tab 2 Resident Courses; Tab 3 Global Online Courses. Use Tab 1 to document command info, this will help provide a point of contact if we have any questions about the data. Use Tab 2 to document quota needs for resident courses. You can use the drop down in cell B3 to select the locations needed if you would like to reduce the number of rows you are working with. Use Tab 3 to document quota needs for global online courses. Rows C-H list the time zones we are prepared to accommodate vs just starting all sessions at 1300 EST.
  • FY23 Quota Usage: We will provide the FY23 Needs Assessment and quota usage per Echelon 2. This will allow you to see quota usage compared to what was submitted.
  • FY24 Needs Assessment: We will provide the FY24 Needs Assessment. Please do not resubmit as your FY25 input. Use this and the FY23 information to make an informed submission for FY25.
Quotas Release: The next quota release is scheduled 4 Oct 2023. Quotas will be released even if the shutdown occurs. Military staff can assist with course enrollment. To ensure your military staff can assist, I would encourage you ensure your eNTRS student profile is up to date with your current UIC.
  • All quotas must be reserved via eNTRS at https://app.prod.cetars.training.navy.mil/eNTRS/. To request a quota, log into eNTRS, go to Request Menu, enter the course CDP, update the dates, submit, check the course date, enter the students' DoD ID, submit, add student info, double-check that the email is correct, and select process request.
  • Live Session Start Times: Are you enrolling in the correct start time? Start times are listed in the attached FY24CHRON file and on our website.
  • Helpful Files Attached: I’ve attached two guides. One to walk you through the reservation process and one to show how to update your student data.
Thank you all for your feedback on our bi-weekly updates.  I have also attached both the FY23 and FY24 schedules as well as the latest no show list.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions.  Your questions and feedback will continue to help the training center improve as a learning organization serving you.  

Thank you all for your feedback on our bi-weekly updates.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions.  Your questions and feedback will continue to help the training center improve as a learning organization serving you. 

Hal Mohler
Executive Director
Naval Safety and Environmental Training Center
NIPR:  Hallock.N.Mohler.Civ@US.Navy.MIL
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To view our schedule and course locations: https://navalsafetycommand.navy.mil/Learning/NAVSAFENVTRACEN/NAVSAFENVTRACEN/
To request a quota for a course visit: https://app.prod.cetars.training.navy.mil/eNTRS/
For any quota related questions email Quota Control netceast.quotas@navy.mil