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Mishaps diminish our readiness. They remove our Marines, Sailors and civilian employees from their units and workplaces, and place them in hospitals, wheelchairs and coffins. Mishaps ruin equipment and weapons. This magazine’s goal is to help make sure personnel can devote their time and energy to the mission. We believe there is only one way to do any task: the way that follows the rules and takes precautions against hazards. Ground Warrior is published through a joint venture between the CMC Safety Division and the Naval Safety Command.

To view a Ground Warrior issue, click the PDF link. If you prefer the online version, click the Flipbook link.

Current Ground Warrior Issue
Ground Warrior Winter 2023
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Ground Warrior Summer 2023 Ground Warrior Fall 2022 Ground Warrior Summer 2021  
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Our family of safety publications is available online at https://issuu.com/navalsafetycommand.

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Writers Wanted

The editorial staff is always looking for a few good writers. We want to publish your articles and stories that:

- increase operational readiness,
- evaluate safety and health issues,
- correct deficiencies, and
- emphasize situational awareness.

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