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The Risk Management Information (RMI) initiative is a mission-essential capability for improving the readiness of the Department of the Navy (DON) by way of:
  • Safety data capture
  • Data management
  • Data analysis
  • Dissemination of the leading indicators of safety risk to our Sailors and Marines
RMI provides an enterprise-wide, single, integrated, IT architecture based on industry and government best practices:
  • Consolidate safety systems, make it easier to report mishaps and provide authoritative data to help improve safety conditions.
  • Improve readiness by providing personnel with an enterprise view of information necessary to focus on total loss prevention and control.
  • Turn data into actionable information, enabling all personnel to better understand the hazards and risks associated with their operations and processes.
Streamlined Incident Reporting (SIR) – will provide enterprise enhancements to include streamlined reporting processes, improved unit reporting access, capabilities, enterprise and unit level tracking, as well as verification of reportable medical injuries.
Safety Program Management (SPM) – will provide users with capabilities needed for planning, preparing and executing a safety and occupational health program. Specific capabilities include: confined space entry, deficiency abatement, fall protection, inspections, job hazard analysis, medical surveillance, respiratory protection, safety committee, self-assessment and training.
Analysis and Dissemination (A&D) – will provide an advanced analysis and analytic capability for SIR and SPM data that will enable trend analysis and proactive decision making related to mishap and injury avoidance in compliance with the DoD Safety and Occupational Health standards and policy.
Single Point of Entry (SPOE) – will provide a single point of entry available to Sailors, Marines and safety professionals to reduce the inconsistencies introduced by dissimilar legacy systems and organizations.