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Since 1955 Approach magazine has guided Navy and Marine Corps aviation professionals with information, statistics and a bit of humor. Most of all, Approach has given aviators a place to share stories, misdeeds and adventures, to make us better, safer and more effective.

These first-person "There I was" stories have been the basis for Approach since its inception. This sharing of stories also has bonded naval aviators - past and present - to one another and to the profession itself. Picture yourself with a damaged aircraft, operating in blue water with a pitching deck and enough gas for one, maybe two, approaches, and you have everything needed for a "There I was" story.

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Current Approach Issue

Approach Vol. 65, No. 4
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Approach Vol. 65, No. 3 Approach Vol. 65, No. 2 Approach Vol. 65, No. 1
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Writers Wanted

The editorial staff is always looking for a few good writers. We want to publish your articles and stories that:

- increase operational readiness,
- evaluate safety and health issues,
- correct deficiencies, and
- emphasize situational awareness.

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