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The Data Analytics Directorate reaches across all warfare communities and areas of expertise of the Naval Safety Command. The directorate officially formed in 2018 as part of NAVSAFECOM’s transformation into a forward-looking, data-driven organization that provides advanced analytics and sophisticated modeling data that can be used to prevent mishaps. The directorate provides advanced data analytics as well as in-depth studies, trends, data visualization, and awareness products to the fleet in order to promote a culture of excellence across the Navy and Marine Corps, directly contributing to the overall mission of preserving readiness and saving lives.  The DA Directorate provides subject matter expertise in the following areas: operations research and data analytics, studies, lessons learned and sanitized safety investigation reports, media and communication products, and collaboration with safety partners and allies.
Data Analysis

The Data Analysis Division provides subject matter expertise in data management and analysis in alignment with U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps senior leaders renewed focus on using data to assist in the decision making, transforming the way the USN/USMC fights today and tomorrow’s wars and conflicts.  The staff has SMEs across all naval communities in addition to a group of highly-trained and educated Operations Research Systems Analysts (ORSAs) to assist in analysis and dissemination of data.