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ALNAV 053/23 was released to highlight motorcycle safety, stimulate leadership engagement and proactively commit to ensuring we are protecting our Sailors and Marines who enjoy riding. At the time of the ALNAV release, Fiscal Year (FY 23), the Department of the Navy had lost 14 Sailors and 3 Marines from motorcycle deaths. We have now lost 23 servicemembers. Some points highlighted in the ALNAV 053/23 for Motorcycle Safety are as follows:

  • 17 Warriors have lost their lives due to motorcycle deaths. This does not just affect the Navy's combat readiness but also their family and friends.
  • Causes include speed, road conditions, other drivers. Slow down, take your time, always remain within your personal and vehicle limits and drive defensively.
  • The roads are more dangerous than ever. The death rate per mile travelled has increased by 22% and verify all riders are completing the required training. 
Please use the resources on this website to help reduce motorcycle mishaps. Remember the basics and keep up-to-date with both Navy and civilian safety regulations and best practices. Be safe and remain vigilant regarding motorcycle safety. Find more information regarding motorcycle safety in the 101 Critical Days of Summer presentations as well as Naval Safety Command's Motorcycle Rider Down Reports and Newsletters.

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